English Language Institute (ELI) - International Programs and Services

International students who are not yet proficient enough in English to gain direct admission to an Ohlone College degree program may wish to first join the Ohlone College English Language Institute (ELI). The ELI is a full-time, intensive English language program designed for non-native speakers of English who have or wish to obtain an F-1 Student Visa.

The ELI is a great choice for any of the following students:

  • Students who just wish to study English, or
  • Students who wish to study English in preparation for degree studies at Ohlone College or a 4-year university, or
  • Students who have not taken the TOEFL exam, or who have taken the TOEFL, but do not yet have the required score to be directly admitted to Ohlone College

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How to Apply

To apply to the Ohlone College ELI, simply complete the International Student Application process. In response to the “What is your proposed major?” question on the application, simply write “ELI”. Complete the application by submitting all other required items, except the TOEFL score.

Conditional Admission

Students who wish to first study English full-time, then when ready study in one of Ohlone College’s degree programs may be conditionally admitted to Ohlone College.

Dates and Costs

Please note that Dates and Costs are subject to change.

English Language Institute (ELI) 2014-2015 Dates and Costs
(updated September 26, 2014)
Term Start Date End Date Weeks of Instruction Tuition Cost (USD)*
Fall 2014 August 25 December 11 15 weeks $4,250
Fall Mid-Semester 2014 October 13 December 11 8 weeks $2,125
Spring 2015 January 26 May 20 15 weeks $4,250
Spring Mid-Semester 2015 March 30 May 20 8 weeks $2,125
Summer 2015 June 1 August 7 10 weeks $2,500
Fall 2015 August 31 December 9 15 weeks $4,250
Fall Mid-Semester 2015 October 19 December 9 8 weeks $2,125

* Listed cost does not include the following: $28 in Student Service Fees; $50 Application Fee; Health Insurance Fee. Books and class materials are also to be separately purchased by the student, at the start of each Term. All funds are in United States Dollars.

Course Content and Activities

Students follow a core curriculum that covers all language skill areas: Composition, Grammar, Listening/Speaking, and Reading/Vocabulary. ELI core classes meet 18-22 hours per week (Monday-Friday). After the core classes, students can also enroll in conversation classes and self-directed learning labs.

An Institutional TOEFL test is given at the end of every session. This test is provided at no extra charge to Ohlone ELI students.

Newly Admitted ELI Students

Newly admitted ELI students should refer to the “Getting Started at Ohlone College” document included among the student’s acceptance materials. Questions can be emailed to Mr. Bill Sharar (see below) or to Ms. Connie So at cso@ohlone.edu.

Contact Information

  • Connie So
    ELI Program Assistant
    (510) 659-6489
    Building 7, third floor, Fremont campus

  • Bill Sharar
    Director, International Programs & Services
    (510) 659-6524
    Room 7323, Building 7, first floor, Fremont campus