Health Insurance Options - International Programs and Services

Maintaining adequate health insurance is a requirement of international students of Ohlone College. In order to provide a convenient way of acquiring and maintaining health insurance, Ohlone College makes a Group Health Insurance plan available to its students. All Ohlone College international students are automatically enrolled in this plan once they begin registering for classes, unless they "opt out" of coverage. Following are important details:

  • Cost for Fall 2014: $509.70 USD
  • Cost for Spring 2015: $535.20 USD
  • Cost for Summer 2015: $254.58 USD
  • “Opting out” means you choose the option of not being included in this Group Health Insurance plan. To opt-out students must show the International Programs and Services office proof of health insurance that clearly indicates that their coverage does not expire before the end of their upcoming semester. This insurance can be purchased in the U.S. or in a student's home country.
  • Insurance coverage that would allow a student to opt-out of the Group Health Insurance plan must cover up to a minimum of $100,000 per injury and per illness. It must also include hospitalization, repatriation and evacuation coverage. The policy should be written in English and must be recognized overseas and in California.
  • Students who have not shown the International Programs and Services proof of opt-out insurance coverage, before the first day of classes each semester, will be automatically enrolled in the Group Insurance plan. After that date students may not opt out of Group Health Insurance for that term.
  • Students who are enrolled in the Group Insurance plan see a charge on their accounts. Students pay that charge in the same way they pay tuition and fees: by credit or debit card via WebAdvisor, or by check or cash at the Cashier’s Office Window.

Please have a look at the terms of coverage of the Group Health Insurance plan (PDF). You may also wish to explore this related website:

[All dollar amounts are in United States Dollars.]

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