Employment as an Ohlone Interpreter - Interpreting and Accommodation Services

Interested in Interpreting at Ohlone College?

If you are interested in interpreting at Ohlone College, this is what to expect:

There is no promise to hire. The evaluation is only to see if your skills match the needs of the current student population and the level of classes offered that semester. Depending on the need that semester and on your skills, the Interpreter Director will inform you if there is a match and available hours that fit your schedule. If there is not a match, you are welcome to try again another semester.

We do not provide a certification and will not release the results to any other campus or agency.

If there is an offer to hire

Additional Perks

  • Parking: Contact the Interpreter Director
  • Paid Prep-time: At the Director's discretion and only for Pre-Approved first time or highly technical classes
  • Interpreter Lounge and Patio: To hang out between classes, share signs information, and fun with other interpreters
  • Wax Machine: For wrists and elbows to help with preventative maintenance against repetitive motion injury (R.M.I.)
  • R.I.D. Skills Building Video Tapes and Printed Material: To prepare for the R.I.D. Exams or improve overall skills both expressive and receptive
  • Topic Specific Videos and Printed Materials: Available in the office
  • A refrigerator, microwave
  • Community Computer: Available to check email, Interpreter sites, etc.
  • Library of Course Specific Vocabulary: Course books from the actual courses, notes from previous notetakers with vocabulary