Problems and Concerns - Accommodation Services & Interpreting

For Students

If you are not satisfied with your Interpreter and you wish to have a new one placed in your class, you must:

  1. Tell the Accommodation Services & Interpreting Director (in detail) why you are not satisfied with your Interpreter.
  2. The Director will talk with the Interpreter and/or observe the Interpreter or Catpioner in your class to see how they can improve.
  3. If no improvements have been made after the next few class meetings and you are still not satisfied, the Director will assign a new Interpreter to your class.

For Interpreters, Captioners, Notetakers

If you are experiencing a problem with the team interpreter, or Deaf or Hard of Hearing student, or the instructor, or you feel the class is too overwhelming for you. Contact the Interpreting and Accommodation Services Director immediately to resolve the issues.