2008 Drawing Contest Winners and Entries - Ohlone for Kids Enrichment Program

  1. 1st Prize winner: Christine Wu
  2. 2nd Prize winners: Vina Kong and Evani Shah
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Contest Prizes

One first place winner will be awarded with four (4) complimentary summer classes and will be featured as the cover page on the 2008 catalog and on the Ohlone for Kids website. Second and third places will be awarded two (2) complimentary summer classes and will receive honorable mention and featured on the OFK website. Prizes are not transferable and may only be used during the 2008 summer program.

Contest Winners and Entries

First Place

Kids from a variety of cultures and races participating in OFK activities.
Christine Wu

Second Place

Earth resting on the word Education surrounded by academic subjects (robotics, art, science, drama, history, speech) with 5 people of different cultures placed on top.
Vina Kong
Easel, paint pallette, paint brush; globe, books, microscope, rulers; swimming; pencil and paper; the Ohlone College color bar; palm tree.
Evani Shah

Additional Entries

Tree, girl, boy, scissors, magnifying glass, pencil. Teacher explaining about submarine and fish to students in a class. Grass, path, cloud, birs, squirrel, flowers. Sunset over water. Campfire with pine trees, birds, Earth. Earth with children from 3 countries saying I Recycle! If we all do a bit, we're together making a big difference! A boy and 2 girls. Girl about to enter an Ohlone College door, trees in background. An octopus wearing a hat. Earth with many children standing all around the edge from top to bottom to top again. Tree with owel in a hole and squirrels on branch. Boy and pet standing below. 2 birds flying.2008 Ohlone For Kids Summer Enrichment Program.