Request for Exemption from Matriculation Requirements

Please complete and submit the form below if you wish to be exempted from participating in the matriculation (orientation, placement testing, and counseling) process.

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By State regulation, nonexempt first time students are required to identify a course of study, take tests to determine appropriate course placement, attend an orientation session, and meet with a counselor to develop an education plan. Students who have completed an associate degree or higher and K-12 students attending Ohlone College while still enrolled in school are automatically exempted from these requirements. Upon request, other students meeting one of the criteria listed below can be exempted from these requirements by submitting this form at the earliest possible date.

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The Office of Admissions and Records will notify you at the email address you have entered above when a decision on your request for exemption has been made. Every effort will be made to notify you within three business days.

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