Welcome to the Peer Mentor Program!

Peer Mentors group.Peer Mentors 2013-2014.

Being involved in the Peer Mentor Program is a great way to meet new people, develop new skills, and play a leadership role on campus! Since the program began in 1999, Mentors have played a vital role in attracting new students to Ohlone. In addition, as Mentors, they will have more direct interactions with first-year students.

Look at what some Mentors have to say about the program:

"The Peer Mentor Program is dedicated to helping and guiding students (especially incoming freshman) make the difficult and sometimes overwhelming transition into college. We are students helping other students. "

"The Peer Mentor Program has the power to boost anyone's confidence. It can transform you into a new person that will amaze even yourself and it can help you to succeed. "

"The Peer Mentor Program provides the opportunity for incoming students to interact with students that they will be sharing an academic and communal environment with."

"The Peer Mentor Program can help you understand how much you can accomplish in college. All of us peer mentors will use our passions to assist you in your success."

"I feel that the Peer Mentor Program has given me an opportunity to help other students, as well as grow as a person. It greatly helps students hear from fellow students who have been successful at Ohlone."

Peer Mentors at Welcome Day 2013.