Benefits of Being a Peer Mentor

There are many benefits to being a Peer Mentor:

  • Earn Money: All new Mentors start out as volunteers, however after a specified amount of time as a volunteer, Mentors can be hired and paid $8.50/hour. The number of paid Mentor hired each semester depends upon available funding.

  • Learn New Skills: Mentors are trained on proper public speaking skills to use in high school and community workshops and orientations. Mentors also have the opportunity to develop their organizational and interpersonal skills by planning and participating in a variety of events.  Training is provided each semester on a variety of leadership topics such as diversity, communication, conflict resolution, goal-setting, and professionalism.

  • Meet New People: Because the Peer Mentor Program is a club, it's a great way to meet new people and get involved in campus life. Four-year colleges and employers love to see that students are involved in extracurricular and cocurricular activities!