Placement Test Checklist - Placement Testing Center

Placement Test Checklist
Step Preparation Task

Submit an application to Ohlone College.

Students need to submit an application to Admissions and Records. The application can be completed online or downloaded in PDF form from the Admissions and Records website, or located in the printed Class Schedule (available from the Ohlone College Bookstore).


Decide if it is necessary for you to take a placement test.

Exemption from Taking the Placement Tests - You are not required to take the placement tests if any of the following apply to you:

    1. You have an associate or higher degree from an accredited institution in the United States;
    2. You are enrolling in less than 7 units and in courses for which there are no English, reading or mathematics advisories or prerequisites; or
    3. You have a transcript with satisfactory grades in appropriate courses from another accredited college or universities in the United States.

Special Note: Applicants to the Registered Nursing, Physical Therapy Assistant, and Respiratory Therapy programs have specific testing requirements. Please refer to those program websites for more information.


Determine when you can take the tests and make a reservation.

Plan to take the test at the earliest possible date. Test sessions closer to the beginning of the term are usually more crowded and availability is limited to the Placement Testing Center open hours and 29 computer stations.

Special note: Assistance is available to students who have a disability or require special accommodations. Please notify the Placement Testing Center staff at (510) 659-6126.


Review the study guides.

Students are highly encouraged to review the study guides, sample practice tests, and other helpful online resources before taking the test. The practice tests contain multiple-choice questions that are similar to those on the test. Students tend to feel more comfortable and do well when they know what to expect on the test.


Review Important Information.

These two items are required!

  1. Bring a photo ID, and
  2. Bring your Ohlone College Student ID Number

Testing is offered free of charge. It will take approximately 2.5 hours to complete both English and Math tests.


Arrive early to the test.

The Placement Testing Center (Room 7205) is on the Fremont campus in Building 7 on the second floor.

Arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment.

No outside calculators, dictionaries, or cell phones are allowed in Testing Center.

Students in class each using a laptop.

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