Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Placement Testing

Q. What do I need to do before I take a test?

Students need to turn in an Ohlone College application before taking the test.

Important! Students must reserve their space for the placement tests in advance. Students who missed three reservations without cancellation will be blocked from making any further appointments for the remainder of the semester.

Q. What do I need to bring the day of test?

These two items are required!

  1. All students need to bring a picture ID such as a school ID, driver's license, or passport.
  2. All students must also have an Ohlone College Student ID Number. You will receive your Student ID Number by email after you submit your application. If you have not received your Student ID Number, email the Admissions Office at You will not be allowed to take the test without an Ohlone College Student ID Number.

Q. Where are tests given?

Tests on the Fremont campus are given in Room 7205, Building 7, second floor, unless indicated otherwise.

Q. Are calculators, dictionaries, word translators, and other kinds of study aids allowed on the tests?

No. Students will be provided scratch paper to work out problems or take notes. Scratch paper will be collected at the end of the test.

Q. What happens when the time and date that I want to make a reservation for is not listed in the reservation system?

If the test date you want to reserve is not listed in the online reservation system, it is likely that the time slot is full. In this case, students are welcome to arrive during the testing hours and wait to see if there are any appointments that do not show up.

Q. How long will the test(s) take?

The tests are not timed. How much time it will take depends on the student’s experience and skill. The average time is 2.5 hours for both English and Math Placement Tests.

If the student does not finish by the time staff needs to leave, the student can return on another day when the Center is open to finish the test. The system will retain the student’s progress and resume from where s/he left the test.

The ESL Placement Test takes approximately 4.5 hours. See ESL Placement Test for more details.

The Chemistry Placement Test is 45 minutes long. Students must finish the test in one sitting.

Q. The reservation website has English and Math listed together? Do I have to take both tests? What if I only need to take the English Placement Test?

The testing schedule for the English and math tests are the same. Students need to make only one reservation. When you arrive to take your test, please let the Testing Center staff know what test you would like to take.

Q. I’m a Pre-RN, PTA, or RT applicant. Which test(s) do I take?

Applicants to the Registered Nursing, Physical Therapist Assistant, or Respiratory Therapist programs must take the Reading Comprehension test. Applicants who come during the regular testing schedule for Fall and Spring Semesters or the Summer Term will take all of the English test. The English test includes the Reading Comprehension test.

Q. I am an independent or long distance college student. Does Ohlone's Testing Center offer proctoring services?

The Testing Center does not offer proctoring services.

Q: When will I get my results?

For the English, math and ESL tests, students will receive their results the same day. For the Chemistry test, results are available the following day online in the student’s Web Advisor account, under Test Summary.

Q: I’ve misplaced my test results and I need another copy. How do I get one?

Students can access their results online via their Web Advisor accounts, under Test Summary. For those requiring a copy for another school, please see Placement Test Results.

Q: I can’t make it to the scheduled test times. Does the Testing Center have more hours open?

Due to limited staffing, the current testing schedule represents what is available. No individual appointments are scheduled.

Also due to limited space, students must cancel their reservation to free up space for others.

Students can cancel their reservation through the reservation system. Students who missed three reservations without cancellation will be blocked from making any further appointments for the remainder of the semester.

Q: How many times can I retake the test?

Please refer to the Retest Policy.

Q. How can I waiver the placement tests?

Students may waive placement testing if they have taken specific college level courses or accepted placement tests from other schools. Please refer to Placement Testing Waivers for more information.

Q. Can recent high school graduates (within the last 5 years) use high school grades and courses to determine placement for English and Math?

Recent high school graduates (within the last 5 years) can use high school grades and courses to determine placement for English and Math.

Q. Who is eligible to use high school transcript information for English and Math placement?

  1. Students who are currently attending high school and have completed the 9th - 11th grades at a US high school.
  2. Students who have graduated from high school within the past 5 years and have completed at least the 9th - 11th grades at a US high school.
  3. Note: Students with international or adult school coursework are NOT eligible for placement using high school transcript information.

Q. What high school transcript information is used to place students in English and Math?

  1. English placement is primarily based on high school cumulative GPA, with some consideration given to completed high school English courses.
  2. Math placement is based on high school cumulative GPA and math course completion (passing the second semester with a C or better grade).

Q. What if high school grades and courses were not considered during my English and/or Math assessments?

See a drop in counselor to complete the multiple measures petition. Bring a copy of your unofficial high school transcript showing you have completed at least the end of 11th grade. The counselor will inform you of your eligibility for multiple measures and your possible revised course placement.

Q. What information is required for English and Math placement using high school transcripts?

An unofficial copy of your high school transcript showing graded coursework at a US high school, from 9th grade through at least the end of the 11th grade, and your overall GPA (weighted or unweighted).

Students taking tests at computer stations.