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The Chemistry Placement Test is a 45-minute test that consists of 44 questions based on high school chemistry and beginning algebra. These include questions on solving simple algebraic equations, on the use of proportions and percentages, and on solving word problems. Female with laptop leaning against palm tree in Palm Bosque on Ohlone's Fremont campus.

The majority of the test deals with chemistry and includes topics taught in Chemistry 102: elements and their properties, chemical formulas, concentrations of solutions, gases, oxidation numbers, redox reactions and the concepts of acids and bases. Students are strongly advised to review skills and Chemistry Study Guide Resources before taking the placement test.

The Chemistry Placement Test clears a prerequisite only for Chemistry 101A. In order to enroll in Chemistry 101A, students must complete two course prerequisites: Chemistry 102 and Math 152. For students interested in other Chemistry classes, please refer the class schedule for perquisites specific to those classes.

Students may challenge the Chemistry 102 prerequisite by taking the Chemistry Placement Test and pass with 22 points or higher. This test is recommended only for those students who did very well in high school chemistry or who completed an introductory college chemistry course.

Students who pass the Chemistry Placement Test must still complete the Math 152 prerequisite (or place higher than Math 152 through the Placement Test) before enrolling in Chemistry 101A.

The Chemistry Placement Test is administered on the Fremont campus at the Placement Testing Center, Room 7205, Building 7, second floor (Fremont Campus Map).

Chemistry Placement Test Schedule and Reservations: Spring 2018

Important! Students must reserve their space for the Chemistry placement test. Students who missed three reservations without cancellation will be blocked from making any further appointments for the remainder of the semester. Please arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment.

Chemistry Placement Test Schedule
Date Time Location
Monday, October 16th 10:00AM Fremont Campus, Building 7, 2nd Floor, Room 7205
Placement Center
  • Chemistry placement sessions are held once a month. Dates/times for future sessions will be released on a monthly basis.
  • A reservation can be made up to 30 days in advance.