Ohlone College President's Office

The President's Briefing - Newsletter

Wednesday, October 1, 2003

From the President:

Welcome to The President's Briefing. This Newsletter will be sent out weekly to everyone on campus to share information about events affecting the college. News from Board meetings, College Council, Management Seminars, reports in the media and important information from the State will be shared in this newsletter. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions about anything in the newsletter, or to attend board meetings and College Council. Please feel free to contact my office with any concerns or questions.

- Douglas Treadway

Newark Campus Revisited

On Wednesday, September 17th The Ohlone College Board of Trustees approved the Administration's request to move ahead with an integrated plan to revise the Newark Master Plan, and incorporate planning for developing the frontage property on the Fremont campus, improvements on the Fremont campus, and construction of the Student Support Services Building. The Board recommended that the Education Master Plan also be reconsidered as part of the overall facilities planning. Dr. Treadway assured the board that he would be using information from enrollment statistics, classroom usage, the Education Master Plan and the Newark Master Plan to ensure optimal use of the facilities and resources at the college and to provide for proper use of the funds provided by the bond to best meet the goals and mission of the college.

Major modifications to the Master Plan suggested by the President include:

  • Full use of the Newark site by the district, rather than leasing out space for commercial uses.
  • Specify partnerships with City of Newark (Joint Library) and Washington Hospital (Health Clinic).
  • Lay groundwork for future development as a full-service campus with a Science & Technology emphasis.
  • Reduce number of student to be served in Phase I, leaving 25-35% of facility vacant at initial occupancy in 2007.
  • Design buildings to meet LEED Certification for environmental sustainability.

Planning should be completed within 90 days so that work can move forward on the Bond projects.

Biotechnology Lab Renovation

During the September 24th Board Meeting, Trustees unanimously voted to advance $188,000 of Bond funds to begin renovating two classrooms on the Fremont campus to create a Biotechnology Laboratory. The Biotechnology program has several pieces of donated equipment to train students in preparation for working in the Biotech field. In the five years since it began the program has grown to eight course offerings and an enrollment of over 100 students. The program incorporates a Biotech Education and Training Alliance component that involves eight local biotech companies and city and county economic development organizations.

Currently the Biotech students are using the Biology Lab that was designed for the biology transfer program. Much of the donated Biotech equipment is in storage because there is nowhere to set it up. Dean Ron Quinta, says that using the biology lab is having a negative impact on the transfer program as well as the biotech program. They need separate laboratories.

With the approval of the board, the renovation construction can begin now, with an anticipated opening date of Spring 2004.

College Council & Shared Governance

Representatives from the Faculty Senate, the Classified Senate, and from Management, Confidentials, and Supervisors are currently being selected to work on the College Cuncil in the new Shared Governance structure. The first meeting of the College Council will be announced later this week. Anyone from the college or public is encouraged to attend.