Ohlone College President's Office

The President's Briefing - Newsletter

Monday, October 13, 2003


Tuesday, October 21st is Transfer Day Sponsored by the Career and Transfer Center.

*Encourage students to participate by wearing school spirit clothing from your alma mater or Ohlone.

Newark Center

Plans are being made to rebuild programming at the Newark Center in preparation for the opening of the Ohlone College Newark Center site in 2007. This is part of a comprehensive and integrated planning process for the District.

Golf Tournament

The Golf Tournament co-sponsored by Fremont Bank was an overwhelming success. The results bring greater support to our student athletic programs.

University Transfer Emphasis

While I do not intend to use my weekly newsletter to promote events as such, the upcoming Transfer Day (Oct. 21) merits special mention. In order for ohlone College to present ourselves as a premiere university transfer institution, we need to offer multiple opportunities to prepare our students for success in this endeavor. We can all be part of promoting Transfer Day by wearing either Ohlone College or other college and university clothing on October 21.

I will wear a sweatshirt from Northwestern University and I invite everyone to join me in providing this (visual) stimulus to our students in order that they will seek out the event and interact with university representatives. Also, if there are in-class assignments or other instructionally related ways in which our faculty can support student participation in the activity, this would be of immense assistance. The representatives will be in the Student Center (Building One) from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Please contact the Career and Transfer Center (x6134) for further information.

Newark Center Concerns

At a recent meeting of the Faculty Senate, concerns were expressed regarding the current condition and status of the Newark Center. Ron Travenick presented information on the enrollments and programs and how certain issues are being dealt with at this time. The basic problem is that the budget reductions were so severe that the Newark Center has been left with no full-time staff and only the bare minimum of services support.

It is imperative during the next three years, as preparations are made to occupy the new campus in Newark, that we rebuild programming in the temporary facilities to at least the 2001-02 level or beyond. Since we do not anticipate additional funding for 2004-05, it is necessary to relocate some staff from Fremont to Newark. It is also necessary to seek additional space, either at the junior high school or the high school.

Newark District school officials have pledged their full cooperation and I am committed to working with them and our own faculty and staff to bring our Center back into a vital learning community environment within the next six to nine months. A three-year plan will be put into place over the next few months to develop our enrollment scenarios for the Newark Center, Fremont Campus and the Ohlone Virtual Campus through a comprehensive and integrated planning process.

Golf Tournament

We are pleased to announce the overwhelming success of our 19th Annual Golf Tournament, cosponsored by Fremont Bank. We managed to fill the field with golfers - more than we've ever had before. Many trophies were given out that day, however the real winners were our students. Three scholarships to student athletes were awarded at the dinner that evening and money was raised to support athlete travel, uniforms and other program support. Our thanks to all who participated.