Ohlone College President's Office

President’s Statement regarding the April 16, 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech

Yesterday as we were informed of the tragic events at Virginia Tech, a wave of shock and disbelief poured over colleges and universities across our nation and the world. The most horrific act of violence ever to occur in the history of education in the United States unfolded in a matter of minutes and even as I prepare this communication it seems very unreal to me. But of course it is real and our thoughts and prayers go out to the students and faculty and members of the community that has been so injured and devastated.

As the Virginia Tech community gathers today at their convocation, let us be with them in spirit and in unity of purpose. Let us reach out to one another as well and be aware within our own college community of those that may need comfort or counsel. And finally let us all resolve, each in our own way, to teach the pathways of non-violence, to advocate for responsible legislative actions regarding the availability of guns, and to spend each day in deep appreciation for the gifts of living and learning.

With sympathy and respect,

- Doug Treadway, President, Ohlone College
April 17, 2007