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President Browning Budget Updates

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Additional Budget Documents / Updates

President Browning is interested in your thoughts and suggestions. Add a comment on the Ohlone College Budget Updates Blog.

Facing the California Budget Challenge Together

The Ohlone Community College District faces substantial financial challenges. In the spirit of open communication and dialogue regarding these budget matters, this site has been created to provide information about the budget process, strategies, and actions being taken by the College.

To encourage a climate of discussion, Ohlone is also soliciting your comments and questions about the state's financial hardships and their impact on our District. Visit our budget blog.

What You Can Do

Many of you are frustrated with the budgeting process that continues to demand cuts from education. As we work together to provide the best education for your children, it is important that we continue to demand No Cuts to Education. Here's how you can help:

Talk to Your Neighbors

Spread the word! Let your neighbors know how important education is for the community as a whole and how devastating the budget crisis will be to Ohlone College.

Contact Legislators

The legislators in Sacramento need to hear from you! You can send them a Holiday card, handwritten letter, or email to let them know how devastating the potential cuts will be to education.

Have a Money-Saving Suggestion? Please Let Us Know!

Some of the best ideas for saving money and resources at the College come from Ohlone staff, students, and faculty. If you have a suggestion that you think could make a difference, please email the President’s Office (at and we will forward your idea(s) to the appropriate department. Please indicate “Money-Saving Suggestion” in your subject line.

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