Faculty of the Month

February 2018 Faculty of the Month

Katie Frank
Art Faculty

Katie started as an adjunct at Ohlone in 2000 and came on board full-time in 2001.

She'd like everyone to think she rides a bicycle in the French countryside to get baguettes in her free time, but this has only actually happened once.

Last semester, Katie took her ceramic students on a field trip to SFMOMA to explore architecture and sculpture to inspire their ceramic projects.

Katie and her family enjoyed skydiving indoors, but she's pretty sure she'll only be doing this once.

She loves being a mom and having fun with her family. She likes that her kids are capable of acclimating and blending into any environment. One of Katie's favorite ways to spend her free time is working in her art studio on a sunny day with an iced coffee in hand. You can check out her artwork at www.katiefrank.com.

Katie working on the ceramic work.The current project Katie is working on, with the Ohlone art students, is a life-sized ceramic mural of Pablo Picasso's Guernica. It will be installed on our campus. She says to get the 275, 12 in. x 12 in., ceramic tiles installed on one of our buildings in the next year will be quite a monumental feat. She says this is her classes' Public Art contribution to the new buildings on campus. She is excited that Jenn Brazelton and Roald Hartman along with their Ceramic and Sculpture classes this semester have decided to join her in this project. If you'd like to learn more about this project, go to http://katiefrank.com/guernica/.

Katie says that art on campus is important. Throughout the years, her students have created installations from the ceramic totem poles to abaci. This semester, look for more ceramic work from her students in front of Building 4 and hanging from trees.

Congratulations Katie! You are funny, talented, an amazing Ohlone instructor, and a creative and wonderful patron of the arts!

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