Monthly Spotlights Program and Services Reviews

Spring 2013

  • January 2013 Accommodations and Interpreting Services (PDF) - Ohlone College is unique in the State in that we serve a community which house a large deaf population, the California School for the Deaf.  Providing accommodation services to this population (as well as students with disabilities) is a huge challenge at Ohlone.  Besides providing a good synopsis of services, this review includes a very thorough analysis of the deployment of interpreting services which illustrates increased effectiveness, strong relationship toward college goals and ongoing review.  The data collected is especially helpful in creating a starting point to track effective and efficient practices.

  • February 2013 Deaf Preparation (PDF) - This Program Review provides a comprehensive description of the program and how it integrates with college goals and objectives.  For those new to Ohlone, this is "must reading" to gain a full understanding of the unique nature of this program and the student population it serves.  The review provides great examples of authentic approaches to Program and Course Student Learning Outcomes assessment.  There is also a well-thought-out analysis of student achievement data.  The two Program Improvement Objectives and Action Plans are well-stated and there are initial assessment results discussed.

  • February 2013 Curriculum and Scheduling Office (PDF) - This instructional services department is vital to the ongoing process of building, auditing and monitoring our schedule of course offerings; a process that is central to achieving the mission of the college.  Many people may not be aware of the significance of this work and the Program Review provides an excellent description of what is involved and what gets accomplished.  The review provides a good example of the identification of Student Learning Impacts for a service area and plans for assessment.  The Program Improvement Objectives, Action Plans, and plans for assessment are clear, as is the analysis of department accomplishments. 

Fall 2012

  • September 2012 Biotechnology (PDF) - This is an outstanding and comprehensive Program Review. There is a clear description of the program and the links to college mission and goals. All five of their Program Student Learning Outcomes have been assessed. There are three excellent assessments of Course Student Learning Outcomes. There are several others completed and will be integrated in with the Program Review update this fall). There are two well-stated Program Improvement Objectives, one of which has closed the loop with an assessment report. The Biotechnology Program Review provides a model of excellence and dedication to ongoing student learning and assessment.

  • October 2012 History (PDF) - This is an excellent Program Review with a clear description of the program scope and linkage to college mission and goals.  The Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) are well-stated and the department is instituting a comprehensive assessment plan for 2012-13 (the original assessment was refined after the first implementation in 2010-11).  The PSLO approach integrates the assessment of three core History courses: HIST 117A, 117B and 105. 

    The Department has spent time thinking critically about the SLO Matrix and has created a model that varies from the standard matrix in the Program Review Module.  It is a good example of how a Department can adjust the standard matrix to align better with the nature of the Department's courses offerings and SLOs.

    In addition to the Course SLO assessments mentioned about, assessments are currently underway for HIST 104A, 104B, 114A, 114B, 119B, 141, 142, and PS 102.

    The Program Review contains an in-depth analysis of student achievement data.  A resulting PIO relates to the development of and Associate Degree in History, which is in alignment with the state directions set by SB1440 for AA/T and AS/T transfer degrees.

    The Department demonstrates effective use of the "Attachment" function in the Program Review Module.

    The History Department's Program Review reflects the faculty's dedicated and professional approach to assessment of student learning and achievement and continuous improvement.

  • November 2012 Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) (PDF) - The PTA program is an outstanding professional heath science program, and their Program Review is excellent and comprehensive. The review shows strong connection to the College Mission of career preparation and the Strategic Goal related to career-technical education. The review shows how the PTA program works successfully with other program areas. The program integrates the accreditation work they do for the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). The Program and Course SLOs are in direct alignment with the National Physical Therapist Assistant Exam (NPTAE) and the California State Board of Physical Therapy Laws and Regulations Exam. For the past 6 years, all graduates of the PTA Program (100%) have passed the NPTAE on their first attempt; which is solid assessment evidence of SLOs being met.

Spring 2012

  • February 2012 Transfer Center (PDF) - This an exemplary Student Services review. It includes thorough descriptions of the numerous services the Transfer Center provides Ohlone College students. It provides reasoned analysis of how the Center supports College Goals and Objectives and demonstrates the purposeful use of data to inform decision-making about the allocation and reallocation of resources.   The review includes thoughtful articulation of how the Transfer Center helps students achieve Student Services Learning Outcomes (SSLO) and the Program Improvement Objectives (PIOs) clearly connect to the needs of the Center and students it serves.

  • March 2012 Personal Development (PDF) - This review provides an excellent description of the program and does an outstanding job integrating assessments of SLOs in three core courses.  These course assessments also serve as a assessments of the program level SLOs.   The PIO is well-stated with a very thorough action plan.

  • April 2012 English (PDF) - This review gives a clear description of the English Department and its four major program areas:

    1. The Basic Skills reading and writing classes;
    2. Transfer level classes in composition, critical thinking, and introduction to literature, as well as literature and creative writing electives;
    3. The AA Degree program in English; and
    4. The English Learning Center, which supports all aspects of the English program with tutoring as well as staff support and materials for the lab programs in the Basic Skills classes and in English 101A, the Freshman composition class at Ohlone.

Fall 2011

  • September 2011 Biology (PDF) - This report shows a good example of SLO assessment related to their Program SLO #2. Their SLO Matrix is also well done.  They have also done a very good job stating their PIO and associated resource needs.

  • October 2011 Kinesiology (PDF) - This Program Review demonstrates an excellent framework and approach for blending Course-Level Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (SLOA) with Program-Level SLOA using Capstone Course assessment as the unifying strategy.

  • November 2011 ESL (PDF) - This review clearly describes an excellent program. Data has been collected and analyzed for two program student learning outcomes.  The loop was completed by implementing improvements in curriculum and teaching strategies.  Dialogue and coordination among full and part time faculty has been facilitated by and ESL Instructor wiki, posting sample assignments and rubrics, and sharing links and student work.

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