The Puente Project

Puente students…

  • Succeed academically
  • Are recognized as leaders and scholars
  • Graduate from four-year colleges and universities; and
  • Belong to a statewide network of leaders and professionals.

About the Program

Ohlone College - AB 540 Safe ZoneThe Puente Project is a transfer program, consisting of three components: English, Counseling, and Mentoring. The Project also offers leadership development, enrichment opportunities, and ongoing support.


The mission of the Puente Project is to increase the number of educationally underrepresented students who enroll in four-year colleges and universities, earn college degrees, and return to the community and become mentors and leaders of future generations. Puente's community college program was established in 1981. The program is open to all students.

Group photo of 201-2015 Puente Program students.

Why should you participate in Puente? Puentistas:

Succeed Academically

Number of Puente Transfers to Four-year Colleges, 2001-2007 (d)

Source: National Student Clearinghouse, UC Office of the President Corporate Student System Data Warehouse, Puente Project.

The Puente Project brings all the pieces together: English instruction, Counseling, Mentoring.

Contact Information

To sign-up or for more information about the Puente Project, please contact:

  • Mike De Unamuno
    Puente Counselor
    (510) 742-2347

  • Rick Flynn
    Puente English Instructor

Students in the Puente Program for 2013-2014.