Steps to Join - The Puente Project

High School Seniors

  1. Apply to Ohlone College.
    • Complete an online Ohlone College application.
    • Local Tri-City High School Students: Ohlone will offer an application workshop at your high school this spring. Contact your high school career center or HS counselor for more information or go to College Workshops.
    • After your application is processed, you will receive your Ohlone Student ID Number via email. Please keep this ID Number in a safe place; you will need it for the next steps.

  2. Take the English and Math Placement Tests.
    • Study for the placement tests. Not studying may result in placement below your abilities, wasting time, money and possible disqualification from joining the Puente Project. Review online study guides.
    • Local Tri-City High School Students: Ohlone will offer a placement test at your high school in the spring. Contact your high school counselor or career center for more information, or go to Placement Tests.

  3. Attend Freshman Day on May 13 or May 14 at Newark Ohlone.
    • After you complete Steps 1 & 2 (early April), go to Freshman Days 2016 and make sure to sign-up (and attend) the Friday evening (May 13) or Saturday morning (May 14) Freshman Day session. The Puente Project might be full by the Saturday afternoon session!
    • Once you arrive at Freshman Day, make sure to ask for directions to Mike De Unamuno's New Student/Puente Orientation classroom!
    • At Freshman Days, students will:
      • Complete the Mandatory Ohlone College and Puente Orientations.
      • Meet with their Puente Counselor and English Instructor.
      • Register for classes before other high school students.
      • Plus, meet other incoming Puente students and learn more about Ohlone College and the Ohlone College Puente Project.

Undocumented/AB-540 students are welcome to join Puente! If you are an Undocumented/AB-540 student, please visit the following websites for more information on enrolling at Ohlone College:

Download Steps to Joining the Ohlone College Puente Program (PDF).

Current College Students

Current college students who are interested in joining the Ohlone College Puente Project must directly contact:

Mike De Unamuno
Ohlone College
Puente Counselor
(510) 742-2347

Students in the Puente Program for 2013-2014.

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