Committee/Meeting Name

Safety Committee


02 February 2007

Time Convened

1500 hrs

Time Terminated

1645 hrs


Staff Dining Room/Room 1304



Members Present

Roll Not Taken

Members Absent



Kerry Mclachlan, Vice President, American Telesource, Inc. And Darrell Blagburn, Senior Account Manager, Nec

Next Meeting

Tuesday, 13 March 2007



Action to be Taken, Decisions, Recommendations, Time Line

Reinstitution of Safety Inspections

Safety Inspections to be reinstituted and begin in March 2007

Inspections will be conducted primarily by Campus Police Services staff, Buildings and Grounds staff, and faculty and other staff as they are willing and able to participate

Safety Drill

A Fire Safety Drill will conducted in April 2007 for both the day session and the night session

Steve Osawa will be in contact with the various groups and associations to inform and attempt to get a “buy in” and full cooperation for a 100% participation in the Safety Drill

Communications Problems Within Campus Community

Discussion of lack of written protocol on notifications and a specific procedure also the lack of an adequate alert and communication system that will work campus wide to notify those employees and staff not carrying radios or having Blackberry telephones.  This was specifically pointed out with the incidents involving the bomb threat in December 2006 and the detonation of the Picric Acid in February 2007.

The attendees were advised that a protocol is being considered and in the process of being developed. A notification procedure is also being discussed and in the process of being established and formulated. A presentation was arranged by Steve Thornton and NEC and ATI regarding using an updated and upgraded version of our present internal/external telecommunications system.

This matter is still open and will be discussed and pursued until the issue is resolved.

Transportation and Handling of Hazardous Materials

Jimmy brought up the unsafe methods of handling, storage, and transportation of hazardous materials on campus. He was especially concerned about the handling and transportation of hazardous materials by Buildings and Grounds personnel, primarily custodians. Jimmy also voiced concern about the method of storage at Building 10.

OSHA had been notified and conducted an investigation. Buildings and Grounds personnel will no longer transport hazardous materials. Hazardous materials in the science lab buildings will now be picked up directly by Decon on a quarterly basis and hazardous materials will no longer be stored in the storage locker previously used. 

Lack of Adequate first Aid and Other Emergency Supplies Stored on Campus

Not discussed due to lack of time

Will be placed on next meeting’s agenda

Lack of up-to-date campus maps and evacuation route maps

Not discussed due to lack of time

Will be placed on next meeting’s agenda