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Subject: Notes and Next Meeting
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 16:29:26 -0800
From: Steve Osawa <SOsawa@ohlone.edu>
To: Ben Peralta <bperalta@ohlone.edu>, Cheryl Lambert <clambert@ohlone.edu>, Cynthia Banuelos <cbanuelos@ohlone.edu>, Fred Hilke <fhilke@ohlone.edu>, Gale Carli <gcarli@ohlone.edu>, Marci Avina <MAvina@ohlone.edu>, Kevin Kirk <kkirk@ohlone.edu>, Yvette Niccolls <yniccolls@ohlone.edu>, David Orias <DOrias@ohlone.edu>, "Richard G. Cominos Sr." <rcominos@ohlone.edu>, George Rodgers <grodgers@ohlone.edu>, Sarah Zentner <szentner@ohlone.edu>, Renee Gonzales <RGonzales@ohlone.edu>, Sally Bratton <sbratton@ohlone.edu>, Ron Travenick <rtravenick@ohlone.edu>, Joe McLaughlin <JMcLaughlin@ohlone.edu>, Lyle Engeldinger <lengeldinger@ohlone.edu>, Mona Farley <mfarley@ohlone.edu>, Patrick Lane <plane@ohlone.edu>, Rosemary O'Neill <RONeill@ohlone.edu>

Hello Everyone,

My thanks to everyone who attended the first meeting. I apologize for
not having a sign-in roster. I will have one at the next meeting and try
to have someone volunteer or be drafted as a scribe to take notes.

I would also like to apologize for not being properly informed that the
presentation arranged by Steve Thornton by ATI and NEC was in the
Library in room 1307. I would have changed the Safety Committee Meeting
to that room so that we would not have had to move. For those of you who
did not attend the presentation, it was interesting and provided
possible solutions to the lack of a campus wide mass notifications
system. The demonstration offered campus wide notification, sectional
notification within the campus, digital messaging notifications, and
hotel/motel ring system wide alerts.

Two items on the agenda were not addressed and will be first in line at
the next meeting. I will send out the next agenda a little more in
advance and also send out some notes on the first meeting.

If you know of anyone who did not attend and would like to attend the
Safety Committee Meetings or would like to participate or bring
something to the Committee's attention, please encourage them and invite
them to do so.

Our goal is twofold. To identify and point out safety issues and
problems and secondly, to identify possible solutions or make
recommendations on a possible course of action to improve employee
safety. All of us want to have a safe working environment.

I wonder if it is possible to track worker safety like some companies do
and put up a score card and calendar listing the number of days without
an "Industrial Accident" and when certain numbers are reached, the
college throws the employees a little "party" or some other means of
recognition. What do you think? Something to discuss at the next meeting.