Safety Committee


13 March 2007


Meeting Agenda


1.            Welcome and Introduction and Sign-in


2.         Presentation and Review of notes from February meeting


3.         Faculty and Staff Handling/Employing Hazardous Materials and Chemicals


a.                   President Douglas Treadway


b.         Vice-President Deanna Walston


4.         Old Business


            a.         Lack of adequate first aid and other emergency supplies stored on campus


            b.         Lack of up to date campus maps and evacuation route maps


5.         Emergency Planning and Preparedness Training


            a.         IS-100 training for all college staff by October 01, 2007


6.         PEP (Personal Emergency Preparedness)


            a.         George Rodgers


7.         CERT Training


            a.         George Rodgers


8.         Open Topics


9.         Close Meeting and Set Next Meeting