Safety Committee Members - Human Resources and Training

Members of the Safety Committee
(updated March 5, 2014)
Name Department Phone* Email
Anderson, Vy Confidential: Administration / HR Support / Safety Committee Admin. 659-7355
Bratton, Sally College Nurse 659-6258
Carli, Gale Management: Newark Center for Health Sciences and Technology 742-3100
Cominos, Rich Faculty: Administration of Justice 979-7444
Gallegos, Willie SEIU: Pool Technician / Pool Safety 659-6105
Garges, Regina CSEA: Health Sciences and Environmental Studies Division 742-3120
Garza, Diana CSEA: Information Technology 659-6466
Gong, Jasper CSEA: Performing Arts / Smith Center 659-6419
Ha, Helene CSEA: Science Laboratories 979-7944
Holtzclaw, Mike Management: Deans / Administration 742-2364
Kirk, Kevin Classified: DSPS 659-7373
Krishnamurthy, Padmapriya Classified: Laboratories, Newark 742-2365
Kurotori, Robin Faculty: Exercise Science 742-2350
Lebedeff, Alex Management: Purchasing 659-6263
Martinez, Frank SEIU: Athletics / Facilities Equipment 979-7964
Massimo, Theresa Faculty: Speech and Communication Studies 742-2382
Maurer, Nicholas SEIU: Campus Safety 659-6111
Moore, Thomas Management: Automotive Service Technician; Carpenters; Construction; Laborers; Custodians; Electricians; Hardware / Welders; HVAC; Locksmith; Maint. Workers - Grounds; Mechanics; Painters; Plumbers; Utility Maintenance 979-7593
Murphy, Gwen Classified: Human Resources / Safety Committee Support
  • 659-6445 HR
  • 659-6111 Campus Police
Niccolls, Yvette Faculty: Science Laboratories 659-7372
O'Neill, Rosemary Faculty: Mental Health 659-6258
Osawa, Steve Management: Police Officers 659-6113
Peralta, Ben SEIU: Campus Safety 659-6111
Pinarcik, Alex SEIU: Warehouse 659-6014
Pierre, Steve Consultant: Du-All Safety Consultant (408) 592-2830
Rodgers, George Faculty: Anthropology / Geography 659-6257
Roberts, Jeff Faculty, Athletics / PE 659-6501
Rojas, Jill Confidentials / Student Services 659-6262
Stubbs, Stanton Consultant: Safety Committee Support / Technical Assistance - Keenan and Associates / Loss Control and Reporting (408) 441-0754 x6217
Teshara, Connie Confidentials: Academic Affairs 659-6220
Zingsheim, Shairon Executive Staff: Safety Coordinators – Team Lead 659-6201
* Area code is 510 unless otherwise indicated.