Class Schedule Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Curriculum and Scheduling Office

Q. How often is the class schedule published?

Ohlone publishes three class schedules a year—Summer/Fall, Fall, and Spring.

Q. When is the Class Schedule available?

See Availability of Class Schedules and Academic Calendars on the Admissions and Records website. The schedule of classes offered is available in WebAdvisor by clicking the "Search for Sections" link.

Q. The printed Class Schedule has different information than WebAdvisor. Which is correct?

Since the printed Class Schedule is produced months before the semester begins, the searchable online Class Schedule available through WebAdvisor always has the most up-to-date information. Information in WebAdvisor is updated immediately once the dean decides to make a change.

Q. Who decides which classes to teach?

Division deans, whose names are listed on each Division website and in back of the printed Class Schedule.

Q. What does “Advisory” mean for a class?

An "advisory" class is a class that a student is advised to complete before registering for another class. Registering for an advisory class is not required but is recommended, as mastery of the content in the advisory class will help the student succeed in the class.

Q. What does "Prerequisite" mean for a class?

A prerequisite is a class that a student must complete before registering for another class. The prerequisite class must be passed with a grade of A, B, C, or Pass. A student who has completed a prerequisite at a college besides Ohlone will need to meet with an Ohlone counselor before registering.

Q. What does "Corequisite" mean for a class?

A corequisite is a class that must be taken during the same semester as another class.

Q. Will this class transfer?

There are codes by the course description in the printed Class Schedule and Ohlone College Catalog which indicate transferability of each class. UC refers to University of California; CSU refers to California State University. If transferring to a private or out-of-state institution, work with a counselor and/or contact the institution for transfer information. Students may check UC and CSU course transferability online at