Ohlone College Police Patch.

Contact Information - Campus Police Services / Safety and Security

  • (510) 659-6111 (Fremont)
  • (510) 742-2311 (Newark)

Main CPS Office, Fremont campus

Hours for Main CPS Office

CPS personnel can always be reached by phone during the listed hours even if there is no one in the office.

Telephone, Email, Location

  • (510) 659-6111
  • Fax (510) 659-7310
  • campussecurity@ohlone.edu
  • Building 20, first floor, Fremont campus (Fremont Campus Map) [Building 20 is the Victorian house in the center of the campus, on the West side of Hyman Hall.]

Mailing Address

Security vehicles outside CPS Office in Building 20, the Victorian style building in the center of the Fremont campus.Campus Police Services / Safety and Security (CPS) Office
Ohlone College
43600 Mission Boulevard
Building 20
Fremont, CA 94539-5847

Newark Center CPS Office

Security Personnel


  • George Kozitza
    (Interim) Vice President, Office of Administrative Services
    (510) 659-7307
    Fax (510) 659-6045
    Room 20-206, Building 20, second floor, Fremont campus

  • Shairon Zingsheim
    Associate Vice President, Human Resources and Training
    (510) 659-6201
    Room 19-118, Building 19, Fremont campus