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2012-2013 Season of the Arts

Smith Center Presents!
Organist Jerry Nagano

Jerry Nagano with large organ in background.

Back for a repeat treat—Jerry is one of the Bay Area's premier organists when accompanying the enduringly hilarious classic silent films.

Jerry has given organ concerts throughout the country and has been resident organist at the Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto for many years performing on their Mighty Wurlitzer organ.

Scene with Buster Keaton and bunch of women - from silent film College.Buster Keaton's "College" (1927) is a comedy-drama about college students and their misadventures, with a classic love story and plenty of amazing stunts, performed by the great comic actor with the trademark deadpan expression.

Actual reviews of "College" from 1927 can be viewed at

2012-2013 Smith Center Presents! Season of the Arts.