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Student ID Cards - Student Activities

Students who pay the Student Activity Fee each term are eligible to receive a free My Ohlone Card student ID card. Students with a valid My Ohlone Card are able to participate in campus events such as bands, guest speakers, social events, and student government elections.

Two male students hang out in the Palm Bosque on Ohlone's Fremont campus.

The My Ohlone Card is the official Ohlone ID, and has the added option of being used as a debit card account for use on and off campus. For more information, please visit the My Ohlone Card page.

The Student Activity Fee is automatically applied to student enrollment fees; students who do not wish to pay this fee must complete a waiver, available at the Student Activities Office. Students must pay enrollment fees before a student ID card can be issued.

ID Card Window Hours - Spring 2017 (January 23 - March 17)

  • Fremont Campus, Building 7, second floor lobby
  • Newark Center Campus, ASOC Recreation Room, Room NC1200, first floor, Wing 2

Please pay your Student Activity Fee first. Then, bring a photo ID for verification (such as a driver's license) to the ID Card Window.

Student ID Card Benefits

The student ID card entitles students to a number of benefits including:

  • free or discounted admission to Ohlone and ASOC sponsored events
  • easy Ohlone Library book checkout
  • reduced rates for events held in the Gary Soren Smith Center for the Fine and Performing Arts at Ohlone's Fremont campus
  • identification for the Reading and Writing Labs;
  • special discounts in the Ohlone Cafeteria and in the community

In addition to these benefits, students are encouraged to check with symphonies, amusement parks, and theaters about established student discount programs.