Meeting Notes October 19, 2004 - Student Development Task Force

Task Force Members Present: Ron Travenick, Paula Schoenecker (co-chair), Wayne Takakuwa (Facilitator), Tina Dodson, David Topham, Brian for Rosary Cordova

Additional Task Force Attendees: Martha Brown, Kathleen Johnson, Jill Rojas, Kenn Waters

Absent: Lisa Waits, Debbie Tucker (Facilitator), Allison Bly (on leave)

Meeting was the first meeting of the Student Development Task Force. Wayne Takakuwa, facilitator, walked task force members through the following agenda items outlined in the Task Force Facilitators Guide.

  1. Introductions by co-chairs of task force members, their background and interests.
  2. Review of the task force purpose.
  3. Review of the assigned goal and suggested measurable outcomes –District Goal #3, “Develop strategies to increase the proportion of full-time students including learning communities, cohort groups, enhanced facilities and improved course availability.”
  4. Review of the guidelines for participation.

Tabled for future discussion were items:

  1. Review by co-chairs of any committees currently assigned to the task force and the method to be used to decide how the task force will be organized going forward.
  2. Discussion of steps to be taken to create a baseline of data elements.

Next meeting agenda includes:

  1. Review of all student services offices, areas and functions and
  2. continuation of task force organizational meeting agenda items 5 and 6 above.