Meeting Notes October 26, 2004 - Student Development Task Force

Task Force Members Present: Ron Travenick, Paula Schoenecker (co-chair), Wayne Takakuwa (facilitator), Debbie Tucker (facilitator), Tina Dodson, David Topham

Additional Task Force Attendees: Martha Brown, Kathleen Johnson, Jill Rojas, Kenn Waters

Absent: Lisa Waits, Allison Bly (on leave), Rosary Cordova

  1. Overview of Student Services

    In response to a request by task force members, Ron Travenick provided an overview of Student Services. Student Services include A&R, Orientation, Assessment, Counseling (advising, goals, skills assessment, PD classes), Financial Aid, EOPS (including CARE and CalWORKs), Campus Activities, DSPS, Transfer and Career Services, Recruitment, Graduation, Discipline, Student Health Center, One-Stop Center. Student Services is very interested in student success and provides care for students outside of the classroom. The task force needs to look at all pieces of student services and how they relate to student success.

  2. Review of Committees Under the Student Development Task Force

    • Financial Aid Advisory Committee – students turned down for financial aid can appeal decision
    • Academic Appeals Committee – A&R appeals – mostly related to registration issues, readmission petitions, student record issues
    • Graduation Committee – deals with all aspects of annual graduation ceremony
    • Student Conduct Hearing Board – recommendations for suspension/expulsion go to this group if student doesn't agree with one of these sanctions and requests formal hearing
    • Matriculation Committee – funding compliance
    • Integrating College Communications to Students (ICCS) – communication oversight to students over email, by letter, in schedule/catalog – oversees writing standards, overlap of information
    • Assessment Committee – currently looking at new technology and assessment materials
    • Student Equity – revision of the Student Equity Plan needs to take place by the end of January 2005

    The task force will review the committees to determine if they are needed. Until that decision is made, committees will meet as before.

    A $100,000 budget has been set aside for use by the task forces. Funding from this budget will be available by proposal to the College Council.

  3. Preliminary Data

    Ron Travenick provided Fall 2004 unduplicated headcount figures:

    • Full-time (12 units) 2,766 27.03%
    • Part-time (6 units) 2,487 24.31%
    • Less than part-time (less than 6 units) 4,979* 48.66%

    *Note: Included in less than part-time headcount are 1,200 high school students and 2,000 consortium students (fire, AJ, etc.)

    Following discussion, task force members thought headcount figures for the following would be helpful:

    • non-degree holders
    • where beginning in non-skill courses (ESL, English)
    • enrollment data from neighboring colleges as a comparison

    Ron referred everyone to Data Mart on the Chancellor's Office website as a good source of enrollment information/comparison. For the next meeting Ron will run demographics for 18-25 year old students. Wayne will do a preliminary search on Data Mart.

  4. Future Meetings

    Task force members agreed that it is important to continue to meet weekly and Tuesday, 3:30-4:30 was tentatively agreed to as a regular meeting time. The next meeting will be next Tuesday, November 2nd, 3:30 in room 1202A.