Meeting Notes November 2, 2004 - Student Development Task Force

3:30pm - 4:30pm, Room 1202A.

Task Force Members Present: Ron Travenick, Paula Schoenecker (co-chair), Wayne Takakuwa (facilitator), Tina Dodson, David Topham, Wendy (for Rosary Cordova)

Additional Task Force Attendees: Kathleen Johnson, Jill Rojas, Kenn Waters

Absent: Lisa Waits, Allison Bly (on leave)

  1. Data Reports

Ron provided enrollment data for students ages 18-25 (minus high school and consortium students) as follows:

  • Full-time (12 units) 2,363 53%
  • Part-time (6 units) 1,322 29%
  • Less than part-time (less than 6 units) 750 16%

The above data is based on enrollment at census for Fall 2004 and Spring 2004. The goal of the task force is to increase overall full-time enrollment from 27% to 40% by Fall 2009. If the part-time group of 18-25 age students could be increased to full-time, 44% of Ohlone's students would be enrolled full-time.

Wayne looked at the Chancellor's Office website and compared statewide enrollment figures to Ohlone, Chabot and Diablo Valley College for students up to age 24:

Ohlone Chabot DVC Statewide

  • Full-time (12 units) 24% 27% 21% 24%
  • Part-time (6 units) 29% 36% 28% 33%
  • Less than part-time (less than 6 units) 47% 37% 51% 43%

The group decided to continue to look at students 18-25 as a baseline group and to try to increase enrollment of this group. Enrollment figures for Fall 2003 will be used as baseline enrollment figures.

The group continued to discuss the kinds of information needed regarding this age group. What are reasons that this group of students may be enrolled part-time?

  • Lack of money – has the student applied for financial aid? Been awarded financial aid? On work-study?
  • Look at English and math placement scores – is there a pattern?
  • How many students enrolled full-time but dropped classes? What is the beginning and ending load? Did they succeed?
  • Are students working? (survey)
  • Cultural issues? (survey)
  • Family issues – support at home
  • Has the student attended orientation?
  • Students with disabilities taking less than 12 units
  • EOPS/CalWORKs student?
  • Students taking classes at multiple campuses? (survey)

The group will meet next Tuesday, November 9, 3:30-4:30. Wayne will look for additional information on the Chancellor's Office website. He will add enrollment figures for Las Positas College as well as city of residence. Ron will begin pulling additional information from Datatel for students in the 18-24 age group. After review of some of this baseline information, the group will be ready to begin questioning the deans and directors about processes and programs that can enhance full-time enrollment.

Ron announced that Lisa Waits is looking for two task force members to help with the Student Equity Committee. A revised Student Equity Plan is due to the Chancellor's Office at the end of January 2005 and Dr. Waits needs help from the task force to update the Plan. Anyone interested should notify Dr. Waits as soon as possible.