Meeting Notes November 16, 2004 - Student Development Task Force

Room 1102C

Task Force Members Present: Ron Travenick, Paula Schoenecker, Wayne Takakuwa, Tina Dodson, Rosary Cordova

Additional Task Force Attendees: Kathleen Johnson, Jill Rojas

Absent: David Topham, Lisa Waits, Kenn Waters, Allison Bly (on leave)

Wayne Takakuwa shared additional data from the Chancellor's Office website which included enrollment figures for Las Positas, DeAnza and Mission Colleges.

Ron Travenick distributed Ohlone enrollment data for Fall 2003, students ages 0-24. For Fall 2003, full-time enrollment for Ohlone students under age 25 was 47% of all enrolled students compared to a statewide enrollment of 43%. At Ohlone, Financial Aid awarded increased by 40% in 2003-04 (2,300 students receiving financial aid). This year, for Fall 2004 alone, we are nearly at last year's increased percentage (2,250 students).

The group closely reviewed the data provided by Ron. It was agreed that additional research/data was needed on Math and English success patterns. There was discussion around reasons for students dropping classes. Rosary suggested we survey students that have dropped. It was agreed that the task force's focus be on math and English and why students drop. Students will be surveyed.

Immediate goals of the task force are:

  1. clarify the goal of the task force
  2. put out baseline data
  3. determine what we want to know/pursue

The language of Goal #3 will be modified to specifically target 18-24 year-old students. Ron and Paula will write up clarification of the goal and circulate to task force members. Once finalized, the modified goal will be posted to the task force website and will be distributed to VPs and deans.