Meeting Notes November 30, 2004 - Student Development Task Force

Room 1102C

Task Force Members Present: Ron Travenick, Tina Dodson, David Topham

Additional Task Force Attendees: Kathleen Johnson, Jill Rojas

Absent: Rosary Cordova, Paula Schoenecker, Wayne Takakuwa, Lisa Waits, Kenn Waters, Allison Bly (on leave)

  1. Review of Measurable Objectives Drafted by Paula Schoenecker.

    The group agreed that the draft of measurable objectives is a good compilation of benchmarks. Following discussion, Ron will add clarifications and will redistribute the document at the January meeting (date to be determined).

  2. Review of Committees Under the Task Force

    This topic was discussed at College Council last week. While reviewing committees under the task force we need to ask a) is it a functional committee and b) whether it can be combined with another committee. Ron will prepare a list of committees which will include a short description, how often the committee meets and committee membership which will be distributed for the task force to review and provide their input.

  3. Other

    Ron announced that task force members will be asked to review the draft revision of the Student Equity Plan in January.

    College Council has $5,000 for each task force to use. In addition, another $5,000 can be obtained via proposal to College Council in January. Ron asked task force members to consider how we might spend these funds.