Meeting Notes February 8, 2005 - Student Development Task Force

Room 1102C

Task Force Members Present: Ron Travenick, Paula Schoenecker, Rosary Cordova, Tina Dodson, Wayne Takakuwa

Additional Attendees: Jill Rojas

Absent: David Topham, Allison Bly (on leave)

  1. Spring Semester Meeting Dates

    Jill distributed a list of spring semester meeting dates. Jill will have the meeting dates posted on the website.

  2. Task Force Funding Requests – Outcome

    Three funding proposals prepared by Ron were presented by Paula at College Council on January 28th: 1) $1,000 for graduation expenses, 2) $20,000 for a new assessment tool, 3) $40,000-50,000 for digital scanning. College Council approved $20,000 for the new assessment tool, $10,000 to be awarded this semester and $10,000 to be awarded after July 1. The new assessment tool (COMPASS) is computer accessible, self-scoring, repeatable, skill-level adjusting, and there will be no need for assessment testing schedules. The $1,000 requested for graduation will be covered by the President's Office. Jeff Villano will work with us on digital scanning needs. Ron is currently looking at vendors.

  3. Focus on Full-time Students

    A brief cohort discussion.

  4. Other

    Rosary requested that the Task Force advocate for a 15-week term. She feels that three 15-week semesters would be better for students overall (rather than a shorter summer session) and that this scheduling change would increase student retention.

    The President is asking that task forces finalize their measurable outcomes. At the November 30 meeting task force members agreed to the measurable outcomes drafted by Paula. The task force agreed to revise the baseline information, increase the full-time enrollment of the targeted group (18-24 age students) from 47% to 55%, increase the success rate of students to 70%, and increase by 7% the semester-to-semester retention rates of students taking more than 6.5 units. Paula will email Sarah Zentner to notify the President that we have finalized our measurable outcomes.

    Ron recently prepared a report of recruitment activities for the President showing what we have done to attract students in the high schools. The report includes the number of 17-19 year-old first-time applications received in 2003 and 2004 and shows a dramatic increase in enrollment for this group of applicants.

Next meeting agenda:

  • Setting targets for projects (we should look at course offerings – what's filling, what's not filling)
  • Assessment Committee – report on implementation of the new assessment tool
  • Committee structure under the task force – running well?

The next meeting is Tuesday, February 22, 3:30-4:30 in room 1202A.