Meeting Notes February 22, 2005 - Student Development Task Force

Room 1202A

Task Force Members Present: Ron Travenick (co-chair), Paula Schoenecker (co-chair), Tina Dodson, Wayne Takakuwa, David Topham

Additional Attendees: Jill Rojas

Absent: Allison Bly (on leave), Rosary Cordova

  1. Setting Targets for Projects

    Following is a list of projects task force members will work on during Spring Semester:

    • Continue information gathering on student enrollment patterns
    • Implement the Assessment Tool
    • Task force has established baselines for full-time enrollment; need to establish baselines on recruitment
    • Survey students/faculty/counselors to identify obstacles (basic skills students)
    • Through the Matriculation Committee, encourage students to declare a major
    • Implement Wait List
    • Work on exit “interview” through WebAdvisor

    Ron will write up strategies based on the above list and will bring them to the next meeting.

  2. Community Structure Under Task Force

    Because Ron Travenick shares major responsibility for the Admissions & Records Appeals Committee, he gave an overview of this committee. Ron explained that he and Alison Hill are the first-contact with students for this committee. Approximately 2-3 petitions each semester go to the committee for review/decision. Following discussion by task force members, there was a recommendation that the Admissions & Records Appeals Committee be renamed to the Academic Appeals Committee and the role of the committee be expanded to include probation, dismissal and disabled student petitions. Ron will proceed with revising the committee statement and will move forward with a formal request to have the committee renamed.

    For remaining committees under the Student Development Task Force, task force members discussed having individual committee chairpersons/committee members attend future meetings to give an overview of committee responsibilities as well as participate in a dialogue with task force members about their involvement and participation in Student Development Task Force goals. Ron/Jill will contact committee chairpersons and schedule them to attend future meetings.

  3. Strategic Plan

    Ron shared a sample strategic plan from Rancho Cuyamaca College as an example from another community college. Rancho Cuyamaca developed their budget from their strategic plan.

  4. Other

    March 8 meeting will be cancelled due to a conflict for Ron and Jill. The task force will meet instead on Tuesday, March 15, 4-5pm in room 1102C.