Meeting Notes March 29, 2005 - Student Development Task Force

Room 1202A

Task Force Members Present: Ron Travenick (co-chair), Paula Schoenecker (co-chair), Allison Bly, Wayne Takakuwa, David Topham

Additional Attendees: Jill Rojas, Martha Brown, Jacque Bradley, Janice Fontino, Jennifer Harper

Absent: Rosary Cordova, Tina Dodson

  1. Report on Assessment Tool

    Martha Brown gave an overview of the ACT Compass testing system and noted the following system highlights:

    • Internet based
    • On demand system (no timed assessments)
    • Reading, writing, math and ESL components
    • Essays can be scored immediately
    • System can do skills diagnostics

    Martha handed out documents and referred task force members to the website: She asked that everyone review the information and bring comments to the next task force meeting.

  2. Implementation of Wait List

    Ron explained that the Wait List patches are ready to load into the system this week. The Wait List function will automatically add students onto a waiting list and will send them an email to ask if they want to enroll. It is anticipated that the Wait List function will be in place by fall, possibly by summer.

  3. Additional Spring Task

    Dave suggested we develop a spreadsheet to document the baseline study and post it on the website, then show improvement each year. Request IS build a report in the system so we can run a report each year. Identify the report on the website as an amended cohort (the population the task force has identified for growth).

  4. Other

    Ron shared information on the Lumina Foundations Project. Dave will email information on the project to task force members following the meeting. Ron said this is a project that might be worth doing together with the Learning Communities Task Force. He asked task force members to review the information and provide input.