November 1, 2005


Room 1102C


Task Force Members Present: Ron Travenick (co-chair), Paula Schoenecker (co-chair),

Allison Bly, Tina Dodson, Jennifer Harper, David Topham


Additional Attendees: Jill Rojas, Mary Van Noord


1. Early Alert System for Faculty (Jennifer Harper)

The Early Alert System hasnít been used for the last five years. The system is on the test server right now and is about to go live. The Early Alert Referral Form is on the Counseling web page. The form allows instructors to provide contact information for a student and themselves and includes a checklist of specific academic problems. A counselor then follows up with the student. Jennifer would like something set up on Web Advisor for faculty to communicate with students. If a notification to students came through Web Advisor, the notification would be more confidential than sending it through email.


Ron stated that he would like to have one place to do all business in the future. That way, with one log in you would have access to everything Ė Web Advisor and Web CT. Financial Aid progress should be accessible via the Web.


2. StudentServicesBuilding

Estimates are currently being solicited for the cost/timeline to drop Building 7. Dropping is being considered for this summer, depending on the cost. 45 class sections currently scheduled in Building 7 will need to be relocated for 4 terms (Summer 2006, Fall 2006, Spring 2007, Summer 2007). The need for replacement classrooms will require some space changes on the fourth floor of Building 1. A proposal has been submitted to Simon Barros for changes to be made including a move of the AssessmentCenter. As an added challenge, computerized assessment is required to be functional by March 1, 2006 and a move of the Center will impact plans already underway.


3. Career Services

In line with relocations on the 4th floor, Building 1 (see agenda item 2), the new Director of the One-StopCenter, Yvonka Headley, is looking at providing career services through the One-StopCenter (currently handled by Transfer & Career Services, 4th floor, Building 1).


4. Assessment

See agenda item 2.


5. Outreach and Information Gathering from Students

The student survey developed for students who have dropped all classes will go out shortly. The survey will go out separate from registration appointment letters.


6. Other

The list of committees under the task force will be reviewed at the next meeting.