February 7, 2006


Room 1202A


Present: Ron Travenick (co-chair), Allison Bly, Jennifer Harper, David Topham


Absent: Paula Schoenecker (co-chair), Tina Dodson


1. Review and Approval of November 1 Minutes (All)

Minutes of the November 15, 2005 meeting approved as submitted.


2. Review Goals and Target Areas

Task force members agreed to pursue the following in Spring 2006:

· Survey students who left Ohlone after Fall 2005

· Survey faculty and staff for ideas

· Team up with the Basic Skills Learning Community

· Survey online students to determine their needs


3. Demographics

Last year the task force looked at enrollment figures which showed a downturn in enrollment. Ron presented data on Fall ’03, Fall ’04 and Fall ’05 enrollment which shows an overall increase in all areas. Overall, enrollment is higher in Fall ’05 than two years ago. There is a large increase in students taking only one class, but all categories are higher.


4. One-Stop Stats

Ron distributed an Activities Report from the Tri-CitiesOne-StopCareerCenter showing Center drop-in numbers for September-January. The report shows an increase in Ohlone students dropping into the center for assistance. In September ’05 only two Ohlone students visited the Center where sixty-two visited the Center in January ’06.


5. Other

Last week Ron attended the ASOC Council meeting to discuss closing down Telereg. Telereg is a 15-20 year-old technology. It is no longer supported by the vendor. Students can’t make payments on Telereg. 8 of the 36 data lines are dedicated to Telereg and there were times during Fall Semester when WebAdvisor could not be accessed due to insufficient data lines. Last spring Alison Hill determined that 80% of students register using WebAdvisor. 90-95% of applications are submitted online.


Allison Bly reported back on student blogs. She has tried to recruit students to participate in the test group, but no one has submitted an application. Ambassadors are not interested in participating. She is looking at other ways to recruit students.


Ron reported that enrollment in FitnessCenter classes has been opened up to K-12 students. K-12 students were previously restricted from enrolling in PE classes. Effective Summer/Fall K-12 students will be allowed to enroll in PE classes on a restricted basis. Notification of this change has been sent to school principals. Education Code restricts K-12 enrollment to 10% of the total class enrollment.


Hard-copy signature pages are no longer required of new students who apply online. Ron will send out an email announcement notifying everyone of this change as well as the K-12 PE enrollment change.