May 16, 2006


Room 1103



Present: Ron Travenick (co-chair), Paula Schoenecker (co-chair), Tina Dodson,

David Topham


Absent: Allison Bly (on leave), Jennifer Harper




1. Color Schemes – StudentSupportServicesCenter

Ron presented color schemes for the StudentSupportServicesCenter (architects presented this information to student services deans and directors earlier in the day). The group was very excited and supportive of the renderings and gave positive feedback regarding the proposed color schemes for the campus as well.


2. Task Force Contributions

Ron debriefed the contributions the Task Force has made on major projects and thanked the group for serving as an effective sounding board for Student Services. Task force members commented that they had enjoyed the experience and wanted to continue to learn about Student Services. Both David Topham and Tina Dodson volunteered to stay involved over the summer and wondered if we could get students to stay involved as well.


3. Program Review

Ron proposed that the Task Force become the formal validation team for Student Service’s program reviews. Taking on this task would have the dual effect of both meeting program review standards and educating the Student Development Task Force on specific areas of Student Services. The group enthusiastically supported this idea.


4. Future Task Force Agenda Items

Being the last scheduled meeting of the year, the Task Force concluded by brainstorming future agenda items to include:


· Impact of the Condensed Calendar

· New Ways to Work

· Implementation of Student Ed Plans and Electronic Student Records