Student Success and Support Programs Committee

(Formerly known as the Matriculation Committee.)


Charged with the evaluation, design and monitoring of the College Matriculation process, this committee is empowered by Board Policy (BP), Administrative Procedure  (AP) 5050, Education Code Sections 78210 and Title 5 Sections 55500 et seq. More recently, this committee has been asked to update the long standing plan and practice to comply with the Student Success Act (SB 1456). This committee reports through the Student Development Committee to College Council and advises the VP of Student Services regarding appropriate implementation steps.

The intent of the Student Success and Support Program is to increase California community college student access and success through the provision of core matriculation services, including orientation, assessment and placement, counseling, advising, and other education planning services, with the goal of providing students with the support services necessary to assist them in achieving their educational goal and declared course of study.

Members 2015-2016

(Updated March 15, 2016.)

  • Co-chairs
    • Wayne Takakuwa ([Interim] Dean, Counseling)
    • Jennifer Harper (Faculty, Counseling)
  • Ann Burdett (DSPS)
  • Andrea Fuertes (Student Success Coordinator - Early Alert and Basic Skills)
  • Yvonka Headley (Faculty, Counseling)
  • Mark Lieu (Dean, Language and Communication)
  • Matthew Ng (Senior Institutional Research Analyst)
  • Jeff Roberts (Faculty, Faculty Senate President)
  • Kathleen Schoenecker (IT Analyst)
  • Shyam Sunbar (Faculty, Biology)
  • Wayne Takakuwa (Counseling)
  • Laura Weaver (Dean, Enrollment Services)

Student Success Act materials and other related resources

Contact Information

  • Wayne Takakuwa
    (Interim) Dean, Counseling and Student Success
    Co-chair, Student Success and Support Programs Committee

  • Jennifer Harper
    Co-chair, Student Success and Support Programs Committee