Meeting Notes November 6, 2014 - Student Success and Support Programs Committee

In attendance: Wayne Takakuwa, Shyam Sundar, Susan Gutkind, Debbie Trigg, Deborah Griffin, Kathleen Schoenecker, Nan Zhou, Patty Lessard, Laura Weaver, Laurel Duchowny, Mark Lieu and Jennifer Harper.

Project Prioritization - (Jen)

  • Update on classified position proposals (Tutoring Coordinator, IT)
  • Brief discussion of equity and where SSSP might be able to provide feedback for plan/committee
  • Dean’s meetings will use 1 meeting a month to discuss college-wide plans, grants and other sub-groups to help campus-wide communication
  • SSSP can move to monthly meetings where we hear presentations/data/reporting out and evaluate effectiveness of plan implementation

Education Plans - (Susan)

  • New students who began Fall 2013 and complete SEPs will be the first group of students to receive a registration bump for Fall 2015 registration
  • Counseling will target this group of students with emails and communications inviting them to come in for education planning
  • Idea:  need a mobile app. to give students information, in lieu of emails, as we move forward
  • Once students complete an education plan they will receive a permanent registration bump
  • Mark Lieu raised this issue of how instructional faculty might help in the ed. planning process
  • Idea:  intentional coordination aimed at faculty helping students get information and preparation in the major/department areas
  • Funding for education plans relates to plans completed summer 2014 and forward

Registration Priorities – (Kathleen)

  • 4 Tiers: Tier 1 legislative mandates (i.e. Foster Youth, DSPS), Tier 2 Ohlone select groups (athletes, note takers, ASOC), Tier 3 declared major and Tier 4 undeclared
  • New students with orientation, returning students, students with 100+ units and/or students on probation for 2 or more semesters move to open registration (12/8)
  • Starting Spring 2015 for Fall 2015 registration a new Tier will be inserted between current Tiers 2 & 3 with students who’ve completed comprehensive SEPs
  • All Tier groups are scheduled by the amount of degree applicable units completed and downward

Last meeting of the semester, 12/4/14

Room 7340, 10-1130am.


SSSP Project List November 6, 2014 (PDF).