Title III Grant

Title III, Part A: Strengthening Institutions.

Title III Gazette

  • Title III Gazette (first issue!), January 25, 2008 (PDF)
    • Project to digitize records
    • Innovations in Learning Space
    • Faculty take part in Title III, from becoming Learning Coaches to leading Innovation Projects
    • Classified Initiatives
    • Title III talking points
    • Who's involved in Title II

Learning Communities

Contact Information

  • Leta Stagnaro
    Title III Project Director
    510) 742-2301
    Newark Center, Room NC1220, first floor, Wing 2

  • Martha Brown
    Title III Activity Coordinator, Student Services

  • Allison Bly
    Learning Communities, Basic Skills Coordinator

  • Mikelyn Stacey
    Title III Activity Coordinator, Basic Skills

  • Lesley Buehler and Bruce Griffin
    Title III Activity Coordinators, Academic Technology

  • Dr. Gari Browning
    President, Ohlone College

Title III Project Staff

(Updated February 19, 2009.)

  • Coordinator, Innovation Center - Lesley Buehler
  • Programmer/Analyst - Ellen Lane
  • ERP Specialist/Analyst - Gillian O'Farrell
  • Software/Hardware Technician - Quan Nguyen
  • Director, Technology - Bruce Griffin
  • Research - Michael Bowman
  • Project Secretaries - Sue Steffen, Diana Garza

Project Staff Meeting Schedule - Spring 2009

Integrated within Academic Affairs Bi-weekly Meetings and by arrangement when needed.

See the Title III Meetings Archive for agendas and minutes for prior years.

Title III Monitoring Team

(Updated February 19, 2009.)

Leta Stagnaro is the Chair.

Representatives from the following groups:

  • Strategic Planning - Tim Roberts
  • Technology Committee - Jeff O'Connell
  • Facilities Committee - Manmohan Gill
  • Innovation & Training Center Advisory/Web Design - Cheryl Lambert (Web Designer)
  • Student Services - Jennifer Harper
  • Curriculum Committee - Chris Warden, Rachel Sherman
  • Counseling Services - Wayne Takakuwa
  • Datatel/Colleague - Sandi Goudy
  • Faculty Senate - Bob Bradshaw
  • United Faculty of Ohlone - Alan Kirshner

See the Title III Meetings Archive for agendas and minutes for prior years.

College Council

(College shared governance groups.)

  • Associated Students of Ohlone
  • Faculty Senate
  • Vice President, Academic Affairs - Jim Wright
  • Vice President, Administrative Services - Mike Calegari
  • Vice President, Student Services - Ron Travenick
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