Faculty Innovations in Learning Projects - Title III Grant

The Title III Grant provides $500 stipends for faculty groups who work together to redesign or develop a new learning community or cohort which integrates active, collaborative and/or technology assisted learning methodologies* and assessments. Each faculty member working on a project is eligible to receive a $500 stipend.

Individual faculty Innovation Project stipends are also available. Faculty are encouraged to develop a learning module demonstrating an active, collaborative or technology assisted learning methodology, e.g., how to create a podcast, videostreaming or other.  This module will be placed in Web CT 6 or on the Staff Development website for other faculty to use as a reference tool on learning/teaching strategies.

The ultimate goal is to foster student engagement and success in achieving student learning outcomes (SLOs) through the development and implementation of expertise in new learning practices and improvements. Creativity and innovation as well as collaboration among faculty are encouraged to meet students’ unique needs.  

Thirty stipends will be available during the 2007-08 academic year.

Application Form

Download the Faculty Innovations in Learning Project Application Form (PDF) (update posted August 23, 2007).

Project Proposals

[Updated July 9, 2008.]

Approved Project Proposals
Name(s) Project Description
Jennifer Hurley Project Proposal: Creating a (Mostly) Paperless Classroom for English 101C (PDF)
Completed Project Proposals
Name(s) Project Documents
Darren Bardell
Darren Bardell, Shirin Maskatia
Jim Baxter, Anu Ganguly, Maru Grant, Yvette Niccolls
Lesley Buehler, Linda Messia
Carrie Dameron Project Proposal: Student Performance of Cardiac Resuscitation in a Reality Based Simulation (PDF)
Kathy Dewan, Sally Scofield Project Proposal: Development of N210 - Clinical Skills Review (PDF)
Ilene Katz, Wayne Takakuwa
Alison Kuehner
Maragaret S. Lee
Richard Grotegut, Sandra Park, Rakesh Swamy
Tom Holcomb
Jennifer Hurley
Jeff O'Connell
Jennifer Harper
Darren Bardell, Susan Cunningham, Ceceil Davila
Kerrie Kawaski-Hull, Nancy Pauliukonis, Susan Cunningham, Bob Mitchell
Nancy Pauliukonis
Mike De Unamuno, Alison Kuehner, Carmen Madden, Teresa Massimo
Weihsun Mae, Pei-min Lin
Perri Gallagher
Jennifer Harper
Dave Topham
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