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Full-time and part-time faculty at Ohlone are strongly encouraged to have presence on the Ohlone College website domain (ohlone.edu) in the form of a simple "faculty profile website" or a more complete "faculty website". See also Options for Faculty Websites or the Chart of Options for Faculty Websites.

A "faculty profile website" is a simple, one-page website with your name, title, department, contact information, location, and optional photograph. This faculty profile website will be created by the Web Team after you complete the Faculty Profile Website Request Form (the Web Team may contact your Dean to verify your employment). A link to your faculty website will be placed on the list of Faculty Websites.

To update your faculty profile website, you will email the updated information to the Web Team.

Faculty Profile Website Request Form

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NOTE: If optional information is provided, it will be included on your faculty profile website. Therefore, if you don't want your degree/license listed after your name, don't include it.

Your Name, Title, etc.

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A photo of you is encouraged. However, if you do not want your photo posted on the public World Wide Web, you may choose not to have a picture or use a different picture. The image should be provided full-size in JPG (preferred), TIF, BMP, or PSD format. It will be cropped, resized, edited as necessary by the Web Team.

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(Optional) Information for an Enhanced Faculty Website

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For an enhanced faculty website, fill in these fields or email the information in an electronic document (such as MS Word, MS Excel) to the Web Team at webteam@ohlone.edu.

Schedule for current semester:

Email as electronic document to Web Team. This is a chart/table (in an MS Word/Excel or PDF file) listing the courses you are teaching in the current semester, including course ID and title, days of week / times / room number for each class, and your office hours. You may submit the same document you provide to the Information Center and your Dean each semester.

Syllabus for each course taught during current semester:

Email as separate electronic, accessible documents (MS Word or PDF) to Web Team.

PSY-101 General Psychology
ECS-301 Childhood Growth and Development
ENVS/BIOL-108 Human Ecology

MATH-101A Calculus and Analytic Geometry
ENGL-104 The Short Story
BIOT-112 Introduction to Bioinformatics

Your privacy is important to us. Your personal information will not be sold or shared with unaffiliated third parties except as necessary to maintain and process client accounts or when the law requires it.