Web Task Force

The Web Task Force, a workgroup of the [now-defunct] Technology Advisory Committee of Ohlone (TACO), has been closed.

The Web Task Force (WTF) was formed in February 2002 to coordinate the website redesign project and other activity related to the Ohlone College website. The WTF is a working group of the Technology Advisory Committee of Ohlone (TACO.

The redesigned website was released at the end of May 2002, the website was migrated to a pair of new Linux-based web servers during a 2-week period in early July 2002, and those portions of the website managed by the Web Team were incorporated into the standard design templates in the Zope web content management system in July 2002.

The WTF meets regularly to set and review Ohlone College website requirements and policies. In September 2002, the Web Style Guide was approved by TACO and the President's Cabinet. It was then announced to all Ohlone College faculty and staff.

This site contains a members list, a meeting schedule, agendas, notes from meetings, weekly reports, proposals, guidelines, and other documents, and archive of meeting notes and other documents from prior semesters.