Fall 2002 Web Task Force Members

WTF Members Fall 2002
Name Extension Title/Department
Cheryl Lambert (Chair) 7409 Web Designer, Web Team Lead, Learning Resources & Instructional Technology
Bob Bradshaw 6027 TACO Co-Chair; Math Department faculty
Paula Cassano 7316 Web Team member; Ohlone College student
Mindy Hersh 6266 Dean, Counseling
Kevin Kirk 7373 Alternate Media Specialist, Disabled Student Program & Services
Pilar Lewis 5273 Multimedia Department faculty
Mark Lieu 5134 English as a Second Language faculty
Donna Ordahl 7307 Executive Assistant to V.P. of Business Services
Shirley Peck 6166 Dean, Learning Resources & Instructional Technology
Kathy Phelan 6020 Associate Director, Ohlone College Foundation and College Relations
May Seet
n/a ASOC Student Representative; Ohlone College student
Rob Smedfjeld 5078 Faculty Senate President; Math Department faculty
Debbie Tucker 7376 Director, EOPS
Lisa Waits 7365 Provost, Student Services

Tiffany (Tj) Webb

or 7990
Systems & Applications Administrator, Information Services