Spring 2002 Web Task Force Members

WTF Members Spring 2002
Name Extension Title/Department
Cheryl Lambert (Chair) 7409 Web Designer, Web Team Lead, Learning Resources & Instructional Technology
Bob Bradshaw 6027 TACO Co-Chair; Math Department faculty
Kevin Kirk 7373 Alternate Media Specialist, Disabled Student Program & Services
Pilar Lewis 5273 Multimedia Department faculty
Mark Lieu 5134 English as a Second Language faculty; Faculty Senate President
Sharlene Limon 6030 Dean, Health Sciences
Corinne McCourt 7347 Director, Student Employment
Donna Ordahl 7307 Executive Assistant to V.P. of Business Services
Shirley Peck 6166 Dean, Learning Resources & Instructional Technology; TACO Co-Chair
Lisa Waits 7365 Provost, Student Services

Tiffany (Tj) Webb

or 7990
Systems & Applications Administrator, Information Services
Paula Cassano n/a Student; Web Support Assistant, Admissions and Records; Web Team, member
Anastassia Dolgova (dolana56@hotmail.com) n/a ASOC Student Representative
Ricky Sun (ricky_maple@yahoo.com) n/a ASOC Student Representative (alternate)