Website Redesign Project

Alas, this project hasn't gotten off the ground - yet! Please contact Cheryl Lambert if you have questions - or suggestions or comments - about the Ohlone College website!

Screenshot of College homepage (image header design), December 2006.The current Ohlone College website design was developed in early 2002. Since then, web standards have become more established, and new web technologies have been developed. During the redesign process, the Web Team will update the underlying "code" of the website to take advantage of commonly-used web standards.

Through the Website Redesign Blog, the Ohlone College community will be updated on the progress of the website redesign and have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback by posting comments to entries on the blog.

Brief History of the Current Website Design

Beginning in early 2002, Cheryl Lambert, Ohlone's then-new Web Designer, formed the Web Task Force and led its members through a redesign process. The group met regularly to discuss the needs of the College and develop a standard design for Ohlone College web pages. (Web Task Force meeting notes and related documents are avaliable.)

Screenshot of Admissions homepage (banner design), December 2006.Implementation of the current design of the Ohlone College website began in May 2002 with the Ohlone website homepage, A-Z Index, and additional "core" pages using the set of standard design templates created in Zope (an open source web content management system). In subsequent years, all Division websites; a majority of Department websites; and many Committee, Other Group, and Faculty websites were newly created or were converted to the standard design templates and are managed by the Web Team.

Content managers of a few Departments, Committees, Other Groups, and some Faculty elected to maintain their own website design and content, while also meeting Web Style Guide requirements.

Screenshot of Admissions homepage (banner design), December 2006.Screenshot of Smith Center homepage, February 2007.The Multimedia Department and Smith Center websites were created by and are maintained by individuals in those departments following standards detailed in the Web Style Guide.

Enhancements to the original design

Since 2002, enhancements have been made to the Ohlone website. In 2005, the Ohlone College homepage was reorganized, and an Events Calendar and breadcrumb navigation elements were added. (Many of these were announced in Web Team Newsletters or Notices.)

Website Redesign Blog

[NOT YET AVAILABLE: The blog will be setup when this project gets off the ground.]

  • … be "in the know" throughout the redesign process
  • … ask questions
  • … get answers
  • … provide feedback
  • by reading and participating in the Website Redesign Blog.

A Website Redesign Blog will be maintained through the redesign process for the purpose of requesting feedback and communicating with the Ohlone College community. The "Ohlone College community" includes current Ohlone students, prospective/future Ohlone students, and Ohlone faculty, staff, administration, as well as residents of the cities served by Ohlone.

Contact Information

Cheryl Lambert
Web Designer / Web Team Lead
Office of College Advancement