Web Team Newsletter - October 17, 2007

MySpace, Facebook, Flickr… and You
- Think Before You Publish Online

College and high school students, as well as adults, use forums such as MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, blogs, message boards, and other social networking websites in increasing numbers. These websites provide great opportunities to connect with other students, co-workers, and others to form online communities with shared interests. However, you need to think carefully about what you're revealing about yourself when using these online forums. Read more: Think Before You Publish Online.

Get computer wallpaper - just for FUN!

Decorate your computer's desktop with Ohlone College wallpaper! Choose from a variety of images, including aerial views of the Newark Center and Student Services Building!

List events by Category in the Events Calendar

Did you know you can list events by category in the Events Calendar? Select "List by Category" in the left-hand menu and place a checkmark next to the category or categories for which you want to see events, then select Apply. Only those events will display in the Day, Week, Month, and Search listing - note the bright red bar listing active categories. To switch back to seeing all events, return to "List by Category" and place a checkmark next to all categories.

New Website Addresses for some Ohlone Websites

In the past few weeks, the following Ohlone College websites have changed their website address (also known as a URL or Uniform Resource Locator):

Please email the Web Team at webteam@ohlone.edu with comments and questions. Thank you!