Web Team Newsletter - March 11, 2008

New Title? New Phone Number? New Location?

If your phone number, office location, job title, or other information has changed, ensure your contact information is correct in the Ohlone College Directory. There are two directories, so follow both of these instructions:

  1. View your entry in the Phone List directory. If your Phone List entry needs correction, place a Helpdesk request with the IT Department.
  2. View your entry in the Employee Directory (aka Business Card Directory). Update your own "business card" information by following this tutorial.

Phone List Tips

  • To display a list of Newark Center phone numbers, search the Phone List directory for:

  • Since there are two phone number prefixes for the Fremont campus, to display a list of Fremont campus phone numbers, search the Phone List directory for:
    and then search for:

Updates to the Web Center

The Web Center is your resource for learning how to create and maintain web pages at Ohlone College - use it with the Web Style Guide which describes recommendations and requirements for Ohlone College websites.

New web page for Academic Dishonesty Policy

In late January 2008, a new web page for the Policy on Academic Dishonesty was created at:

If you maintain a website containing a link to the Academic Dishonesty Policy in Chapter 7 of the Board policies, you may elect to change the link to the web page URL shown above.

New Banner Images

In mid-December, several of the the website banner images were updated with new photos. You may have noticed the changes… Go to Ohlone College Banner Images.

Online Photo Gallery

An photo gallery for Ohlone College is online at Picasa Web Albums (a Google-based website for photo-sharing). Check it out!

  • Ohlone College Online Photo Gallery (http://picasaweb.google.com/ohlonecollegephotos), including
    • Student Services Building construction albums
    • Ohlone College Newark Center construction albums
    • Ohlone Wildlife
    • Waterways improvements
    • and more!

New Website Addresses for more Ohlone Websites

Since December 2007, the following Ohlone College websites have changed their website address (also known as a URL or Uniform Resource Locator):

Questions? Comments?

Please email the Web Team at webteam@ohlone.edu with comments and questions. Thank you!