Web Team Newsletter - August 22, 2008

New Features on the Ohlone College Website

During the summer, new features and functionality were implemented on the Ohlone College website:

  1. Quick Access has been added to the complete A-Z Index page - and that page's title has been changed to Quick Access. Quick Access is a scripting function that searches for keywords in links on the displayed web page. This was a perfect feature to add to the page that includes all links from the A-Z Index pages. A "Quick Access" menu option was also added to the global navigation bar next to the "A-Z Index" option.

  2. The Quick Access function was also added to other "portal"-type pages on the website which contain many links, such as the Student Resources page and the Admission and Records homepage.

  3. On the Degrees, Certificates, and Transfer Programs page, enhancements include:
    • Revising the page from a simple list of programs to a chart indicating which degree or certificate is available. As before, programs and departments without degrees or certificates are also included.
    • Adding the Quick Access function at the top of the page.
    • Adding a drop-down menu as an additional navigation option.
  4. On the Faculty Websites, Blogs, and Wikis page, a drop-down menu was added as a navigation option, and the list format was changed to a chart.

  5. A Show/Hide FAQ Answers function has been added to lengthy FAQ pages, such as the Student Services FAQ page. The FAQ page displays the questions and the site visitor clicks on the question to display the answer. When the question is clicked on again, the answer is hidden. A link to "Show/Hide all answers" is provided above the list of questions.

  6. Random facts from the 2008-2009 Ohlone College catalog have been sprinkled throughout the College website in the form of colorful rounded-corner images. There are several on the Services for Students summary page.

  7. Lastly, between January and July, the behind-the-scenes coding of web pages managed by the Web Team was upgraded to common web standards using CSS for layout and styles (CSS = Cascading Style Sheets). Ohlone's web pages are now more accessible and even more easily managed. They can also be displayed more clearly on a variety of mobile devices.

    Previously, because the very outdated Netscape 4.x browser was still in use on campus, HTML <table> tags had continued to be used for layout purposes. Web pages using layout tables are less accessible and less easily managed than pages using CSS.

    As older browsers were upgraded to modern web standards-based versions, the opportunity to update the outdated coding on Ohlone's web pages didn't come until earlier this year. The conversion to CSS was - dare I say it - a fun (and lengthy) process!

Request a "Faculty Profile Website"

Full-time and part-time faculty at Ohlone are strongly encouraged to have presence on the Ohlone College website domain (ohlone.edu) in the form of a simple "faculty profile website" or a more complete "faculty website".

A "faculty profile website" is a simple, one-page website with your name, title, department, contact information, location, and optional photograph. This faculty profile website can be created by the Web Team after you complete the Faculty Profile Website Request Form. A link to your faculty website will be placed on the list of Faculty Websites.

NEXT STEP: Complete the Faculty Profile Website Request Form.

Course Highlights advertise new or under-enrolled courses

Screenshot of course highlight on Ohlone website home page.To help fill under-enrolled and new courses, "course highlights" are displayed on the Ohlone website after the current printed Class Schedule comes out through the end of registration. Each randonly-selected course highlight includes a link to additional information, usually located on the related department or program website (such as, Math and Theatre and Dance).

Many course highlights are collected from the small ads sprinkled throughout the printed Class Schedule. However, your new or under-enrolled course can also be included.

Screenshot of a different course highlight.To add an announcement about a new or under-enrolled course to the related department or program website and have a course highlight created for that announcement, send a headline and short description about the course you want to highlight to webteam@ohlone.edu. You may also send a flyer or document you've created in Microsoft Word or Publisher format.

How it works: Each time the Ohlone website home page or New at Ohlone page is displayed in a web browser, one (1) randomly-selected course highlight is selected and displayed from a set of highlights. Currently on the Ohlone home page, the course highlight section is located in the top part of the Fall 2008 box. Depending on the number and type of announcements on the home page, it may instead be displayed in the second box. At this time, there are 9 course highlights. A randomly-selected course highlight also displays on New at Ohlone.

Questions? Comments?

Please email the Web Team at webteam@ohlone.edu with comments and questions. Thank you!